Drs. J. Mokkenstorm


Jan Korstiaan Mokkenstorm M.D.

Position title
Director 113Online Foundation
Associate medical director GGZ inGeest
Researcher/PhD student Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

1988 BSC, MD, Medicals Faculty RL Maastricht the Netherlands
1995 Free University: Licensed psychiatrist

Jan Mokkenstorm is co-founder, board member and director of the Dutch suicide prevention organization 113Online. Since its opening in 2009, 113Online offers 24×7 online interventions to suicidal people and their relatives, ranging from crisis hotlines to psychotherapy and self-help modules. Apart from being an independent healthcare provider, 113Online is energizer and coordinator 113Online is coordinator of the national Dutch Suicide Prevention Agenda of the Ministry of Healthcare, Welfare and Sports. Furthermore, in close collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit, the Trimbos Institute, Dutch railway companie  and as national representative for the European Alliance Against Depression, 113Online is involved in the development and testing of innovative e-mental health interventions aimed at suicide prevention and patient safety.

Currently Jan is finishing his PhD thesis on the evaluation of different 113Online interventions.  Jan is author and co-author of over 10 scientific publications on suicide prevention, therapeutic technique of psychotherapy with patients with severe mental illness, and e-mental health. He has developed a widely used Contact Skills Training for mental health care professionals working with suicidal patients. In 2013 he published the self-help book Hoop Doet Leven (To Hope is to Live): the 113Online Suicide Survival Guide.

In addition to his work as a healthcare leader, author, speaker and researcher, as practicing psychiatrist Jan works as associate medical director within GGZ inGeest with special interest in suicide prevention and patient safety; as a supervisor of residents and as treating physician and psychotherapist in acute psychiatry.

Jan’s personal mission is to help change and improve healthcare, and to alleviate stigma and taboo in society, so that no one dies alone and in despair dies by suicide. Together with international experts he is co-writing the International Zero Suicide Declaration that reflects a new and ambitious mindset towards suicide prevention. Departing from a systems improvement view on prevention, Zero Suicide aims at the delivery of perfect care that matches the needs and preferences of suicidal and depressed patients and their loved ones. Jan is founder of the113Online  SUPRANET programs (Suicide Prevention Action NETwork) which aim at the augmentation of suicide prevention by data driven quality improvement within behavioral health care; and at the formation of regional prevention networks applying Triple Aim and OSPI approaches. In 2014, Jan was awarded the title of the Radical innovators of the year. Recently he received the Ivonne van de Ven award for his achievement in suicide prevention.

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