Dr. R. Gilissen

Renske Gilissen

Position title
Senior Researcher Suicide Prevention, 113Online Foundation

2001 MSc in Biology/Ethology,  Leiden University
2008 PhD in Education and Child Studies, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Leiden University

Renske Gilissen (1977), PhD, is senior researcher suicide prevention at 113Online Foundation in Amsterdam. Her main research theme concerns suicidal behavior, with specific focus on preventing and reducing suicide. Gilissen is a biologist and her PhD thesis concerned physiological reactivity to fear in children: effects of temperament, attachment and the serotonin transporter gene (2008, Leiden University). After her PhD, she conducted diverse epidemiological studies on depression, social exclusion, homelessness, suicide and suicide attempts. She is currently involved in various research projects at 113Online, ranging from epidemiological studies (risk factors / effect of the economic recession on suicide) to research activities for 113Online, the National Agenda Suicide Prevention and Suicide PRevention Action NETwork (SUPRANET).

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