Jasper Wiebenga




Jasper Wiebenga

Position title
PhD Candidate at the Department of Psychiatry, VUmc & GGZ inGeest

2012 – MSc in Clinical Psychology, University of Utrecht

Wiebenga is a PhD candidate at the Department of Psychiatry VUmc & GGZ inGeest.

Wiebenga started his career as a psychologist and junior researcher at 113 Suicide Prevention, the national suicide prevention organization in the Netherlands. It was there that he tried to help suicidal patients via e-mental health interventions and to study the effectiveness of the crisis chat service. Subsequently he worked as a psychologist in a private practice and at PsyQ International Mental Health Services where he treated expatriates living in The Netherlands.

He is currently working on research project ‘GRIP: GGZ inteRvention in Prevention of suicidal behavior’ at the Department of Psychiatry VUmc & GGZ inGeest, a project in which a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) protocol is being developed focused on suicide prevention. The protocol combines face-to-face and online therapy in order to assess to what extent blended CBT specifically targeting suicide prevention can reduce suicidal thoughts and behavior in patients being treated in the specialized mental health care (sGGZ) setting. He also aims to investigate further the relationship between major depressive disorder and suicidal behavior using data collected by The Netherlands Study of Anxiety and Depression (NESDA).

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